Young Stem CEO

Our goal and focus is to mentor and empower emerging young people to become leaders and entrepreneurs across North America, Africa and the third world countries with skills and competencies to become agent of transformation, development and nation building. One of the strategic passion of GreatMinds International and Arise Africa America Forum is to raise from around the world a generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs that will be equipped with skills and competencies to influence transformation, development and nation building in the world through specialized program like young STEM CEO.

When you look at the lives of our parents and our communities, you will see lack of real kingdom representation and influence in governance, marketplace, business and all other sectors of the economy. There is a strong need to refocus on the lives of our young people born of African parents in United States and the ones we gave birth to in Africa and other parts of the world that immigrate to United States from around the world. The world is facing a new radical challenging season that we have never seen before, what we are experiencing today as a new normal lifestyle calls for us to rethink, retool and restrategize.