The Emergence of Next Generation CEOs was designed to help in the discovery and development of young CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs who will challenge the status quo, chart a new course and shape the future of Africa over the next fifty years.

An entrepreneur is a risk-taking businessperson; somebody who initiates an idea and finances new commercial enterprises.  Entrepreneurs think differently.  They are problem solvers.  They create solutions to world’s problems and challenges. They have inner eyes to see window of opportunity ahead of time. They take calculated risks.  They often start something great with little or no resources at all. Entrepreneurs are daring.  They have heart to make great things happen. Our world is what it is today because some people somewhere in the past dared to step out to fulfill their inner burning desires, ideas and dreams.   Many failed on several occasions yet refused to give up; having understood that failure is part of the learning process.

An entrepreneur is one who has discovered purpose, developed passion and turned passion to products, thereby creating process through which they release products or services to positively influence massive number of people, sometimes on a global dimension.  In the process, they make profit, meet success at least expected time and join the club of successful people, thus becoming wealthy and famous. Not everyone who sets out on an entrepreneurial drive succeeds.  The challenges and the price to be paid differ.  The truth is that you can hardly get a prize without a price.  Entrepreneurs turn problems to opportunity.  They thrive in solving problems.

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A massive wave of mental revolution is blowing across the nations of the earth. This book mandate was bestowed upon me and It’s tagged Project B.L.E.N.D. Acronym for Breeding Leaders and Entrepreneurs for National Development.

We presently live in a global knowledge economy, driven by technology. A responsibility I believe is the price of

Greatness. A man’s greatness is not in how much wealth he acquires; but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him, positively. I have a responsibility of trust to mentally awake and challenge a new generation; especially Africans and people of color to rise up and take their place in destiny. Look beyond the chaos and frustrations

around them and take the giant step of boldness to leave an imprint on the sand of  time.

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