5D Dynamics

The 5D training program is designed to help you discover the real you in you in a 5 steps systematic process driven training program to enable you become who you are destined to be in life.






Young Stem CEO

Our goal and focus is to mentor and empower emerging young people to become leaders and entrepreneurs across North America, Africa and the third world countries with skills and competencies to become agent of transformation, development and nation building. We are raising from around the world a generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs that will be equipped with skills and competencies to influence transformation, development and nation building.

The Book Mandate

The Lord spoke to Gods servant in Dec 2015 during a weeklong flood gate of heaven spiritual exercise, to write one book every month that will be released to bless nations and the body of Christ. Each month, every member of the GreatMind Church will participate in the book of the month knowledge project to broaden their understanding of the Word of God. These books will also spread across the 50 US states.


In this 21st, potential not credential has disrupted the way we will our lives, and young people below age 30 are championing this cause. GreatMinds and Arise Africa America Forum will partner with young people on colleges and universities around the world; as they study for their degrees, we will use our platforms to help them achieve their personal dreams through Project B.L.E.N.D initiatives – Breeding Leaders and entrepreneurs for national development.

This initiative is focused on emerging next generation CEOs, using the 5D process to help young people to live a life of purpose and find their path to inner fulfilment thereby becoming a role model to others. This project will seek to build a network across the US 50 states and in over four thousand higher Institutions. They will hold state and national conventions where ideas can be pitched before investors.