Who We Are

Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family! At GreatMinds International we equip, mentor and empower emerging young people to fulfil their God given destiny. We empower members of our community to become leaders and entrepreneurs in nations across North America, Africa and all third world countries, to acquire skills and competencies to become agent of transformation, development and nation building.Our goal and focus is to develop Christ like, Kingdom minded societal change agents. The Church is God’s agent for societal transformation. For us, year 2020 and beyond is tagged the decade of economic transformation for individual, families and communities. We understood the grace for leadership responsibility bestowed upon us and the role of faith based organizations in raising kingdom societal change agents. Our organizations, GreatMinds International and Arise Africa America Forum are bringing together our Diaspora community with the intention to focus on young people, with the goal to explore opportunities in all sectors of the economy and its value chain. God established us here at a time like this to chart a path for our generation, let’s rise up and make it happen. It is time for mental awakening that will trigger emergence of a generation and birth a movement of growth and development through our tribe that will positively influence nations around the world.  Now that you have chosen the GreatMinds International as your covenant family; we believe that there are two great forces that will shape your colorful destiny, the friends you keep and the books you read. @GreatMinds, we give detailed attention to both as we shower loving attention on you, your daily relationship with Christ and your all round spiritual and physical development in a knowledge driven environment. Here at GreatMinds, our lives are driven on kingdom culture and principles; it was written of King David and other great leaders in the Bible, that they served their generation before they died and that’s what we want you to become. The world is presently at a crossroad, what will your generation remember you for?

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Our mandate

The GreatMinds International Church is a new that rises out of the old and out of this new shall come forth the birth of souls in millions, the shaping of their destiny, with wealth transfer, for end time global Kingdom and business expansion and to prepare the people for the coming Kingdom.


Inspiring greatness in you to become Kingdom change agent.


Our mission is to build a Christ like community of Kingdom servant leaders that will be equipped to positively influence our communities, societies and economy to the glory of God.  Our mission is to turn followers to leaders and leaders to agents of change.

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DR VICTOR KING AKINWANDE is a human capital development consultant. He is the founder & president of Arise Africa America Forum a platform that explore global opportunities and GreatMinds International that is committed to raising young Africans from around the world that will transform Africa and impact the rest of the world. His passion is to raise Africa’s young leaders from around the world that will become agents of transformation, development and nation building.

In year 2004, he along with his wife founded and pioneer School of Developing Future Leader Ltd where number of recipients have become successful entreprenuers and organizational leaders around the world.

Arise Africa America Forum has created a platform for African leaders from diverse sectors of the economy to brainstorm with other global leaders that will commit reesources to projects that will inspire change. The team have organized international retreat for leaders and business owners on three continents, a platform for delegates to network and maximize opportunities.

Dr King is the pastor of the GreatMinds church, He is a best selling author, a motivational speaker and international conference convener/speaker. He serves on the advisory board of a number of local and global organization.
Victor and Sade his wife and partner are blessed with three children and they currently based in New Jersey USA.

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